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2020 Summer Plyos

Plyos are NOW being offered in the Month of June and July 2020.

Last minute changes to the plyos schedule will be announced on the club website.  Be sure to check regularly for updates (especially during the rainy season).


Sunshine's 2020 beach plyos is an all-year conditioning program at the beach in Santa Monica  provided at no charge to all Sunshine players. 

This program is designed to get players in better physical condition, provide skills that aid in quickness and agility, and also allow players to gain strength. Plyometric sand workouts help muscles contract quickly and generate work at a higher rate, so that muscles become more powerful.  Regular participation helps players even an increase in speed and reaction times!

Most Sunshine coaches require attendance at plyos sessions at least once a week.  All Sunshine players, from Pee-Wee's up through our 18's, will benefit from this program.  

Monday - Thursday
15's-18's: 7:00-8:00am
10's-14's: 8:00-9:00am
Coached by Cari Klein

Santa Monica plyos classes are held at Will Rogers State Beach, just west of the Beach Club and near the intersection of PCH and Chautauqua. Classes are directly across from the gas station and Patrick's Roadhouse. Cars can only enter the parking lot from eastbound PCH. Parking in the lot is NOT free, and cars without the required paid parking voucher are frequently ticketed. Parking fees can be paid at pay machines located in the lot. 

*If Parking lot is 'full' or barricaded please drop off and walk path to plyos.*




  • Water, sand socks or shoes in case the sand is cold or wet
  • A sweatshirt for chilly weather
  • A weighted ball six pounds or heavier (if you have one)
  • Wear appropriate workout gear
  • Theraband for feet


Sunshine Volleyball Club  

15509 Via de Las Olas

Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

(314) 443-9098